What should we do about test/grade

What should we do about test/grade

“ if you do not excel in your exams, you won’t get into a good college and you won’t have a good life.” Do you think people believe that ?. well let me tell you this many teens grow up with their parents, teacher telling saying that and that  if you dont go to college you’ll never have a good life, so image how students feel when they start getting bad test scores or grades because they simply were just not interested in a subject and so when they see that there failing and get sad or depressed and also knowing that with that F it’ll be harder to go collage so they like they’ve failed everyone, like if there chance to have a good life is gone.

With something so ingrained into the American education system, it may be difficult to even question it’s validity. It’s difficult to not believe in the system many students that are about it finish high school and are miss credit, at that point they’ll start think what people have been saying the whole time growing up that if you don’t get to college you won’t have a good life. Well that’s not true sure it may be harder to find a good job but that the same time getting a college diploma doesn’t guarantees a good paying job I see a diploma a little head start but, if your really passionate about a job you want you don’t need a diploma you just need hard work.

School Should really find a different way to grade students or just a different way of teaching because school is killing kids creativity and hopes and dreams basically killing there motivation to become someone shcool just trains kids to work boring ass jobs with boring ass people, i don’t know about you guys but I wanna do something I like and that I’ve worked hard for, schools should stop the way of grading.

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